4615 N. Sunrise Ct. Ozark, 
MO 65721

About Ozark Knife Makers LLC

 We started Ozark Knife Makers in the eighties, primarily focusing on teaching people how to make knives.  Conducting several classes a year, a number of young people have come through our classes that are now making knives as a career. After taking our class, professionals in other careers are now making knives as a hobby, and love it. Our guarantee is that anyone who takes the class has the opportunity to leave the knife they made and receive a full refund. However we have never bought a knife back yet. Importantly, the classes do not end at the end of the two days we answer questions for students all the time.

The classes are two full days which lunch is furnished both days. There is usually a three to one ratio of students per instructor. Our classes cover;


  • layout and designing knives
  • grinding techniques
  • different types of steel
  • the hardening and the tempering of the steel
  • handles and bolsters
  • how to make mosaic pins
  • Soldering guards
  • where to get material 
  • every student gets a folder of dealer catalogs
  • It covers selling techniques 
  • shop safety
  • acid etching steel 
  • the do and don'ts of knife making.