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Converting Contractors to Full-Time Employees: How to Calculate Salary

Full-time employment can also offer opportunities for career growth and advancement. Since you’re working for a single company, you can build relationships and demonstrate your value over time. This can lead to promotions and opportunities to take on more responsibility. So, in conclusion, companies may be prepared to pay anywhere from 1.25x – 3x+ their usual full-time wage for a contractor, if the timing is right. But for contract, or contract-to-hire positions thru an agency, how do you get a comparable figure?

A month-long strike at the three automakers could cut output by as many as 500,000 vehicles, according to Sam Fiorani, vice-president of global vehicle forecasting for AutoForecast Solutions. “It doesn’t make up for inflation, it doesn’t make up for decades of falling wages and it doesn’t reflect the massive profits we generated for this company,” said Fain. “GM’s proposals substantially mirror those made by Ford, with some modest increases. It is noteworthy not only for what GM mentions but what it does not address on the list of the UAW members’ demands,” Masters said. “Fain’s categorical rejection of the proposals as ‘insulting’ leaves GM and Ford in the same substantive position relative to the union.” Contract workers also can work remotely or from the premises of an office that isn’t managed by the company they are working for. However, if the work requires on-site work, the details are sorted while drafting a work contract.


If you have a contract position, your employer doesn’t have an obligation to pay for your taxes, medicare, or social security. That’s why many companies prefer hiring contractors to recruiting employees – they cost less. Additionally, contract workers are unable to receive benefits including health, dental and life insurance. Their self-employment taxes are also given a 1099-NEC form during tax season, rather than a W-2 form that part-time and full-time employees receive. When an individual works for an employer full time, they typically have a fixed schedule and working hours. They also enjoy employee benefits such as paid vacation time or sick leave, retirement benefits, health insurance, life insurance, and more.

Tech is diverse, flexible, and innovative by nature, and despite the recession and downsizing, it is currently booming. With career opportunities in tech at a record high, the industry is growing at a pace significantly faster than every other profession. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an estimated 316,000 jobs are expected to be created by 2029. There have been some comments about the often quoted dividing by 1000 estimate.

Part-time employees

W-2 employers cover much of your tax burden before you get paid, so you may not even be aware that they’re covering such a big cost. The tax burden is often a big shock for folks who decide to go independent as a freelancer or contractor. Of course, full-time employees often have greater access to health benefits, profit-sharing, vacation time, and other perks. Full-time workers trade off less flexibility for greater contract position vs full time job security (though employers can provide certain perks like 9-80 scheduling). Because freelance employees handle their own taxes, benefits, and marketing costs – they typically charge more than in-house employees. The type of employment where you’re not on the company’s payroll but rather work on a contract basis (such as short-term projects that clients assign to you from time to time) is called contract work.

contract vs full-time salary

You have to remember that salary is not the only benefit in a full-time job. For this reason, your time frame and desired schedule may not necessarily be achievable when working with independent contractors. It might be necessary to either adjust your project timetable (which could cost you time and money) or hire a different contractor to complete the full scope of work on a given project.

Contract vs. Full-Time: The Legal Framework

Therefore, they are required to market themselves adequately to attract gigs from top tech companies. The technical aspect of the job prospect will likely remain the same which means companies will be judging you on your knowledge of data structures, system design and coding abilities. However, since you would be serving them for a shorter duration, there will be a lot more specificity with respect to required technical knowledge. As a professional in the IT industry, you can pursue high-profile job roles within your company or competitive companies by leveraging professional relationships, past experience, and in-demand technical expertise. Since tech companies already invest in professional growth and development, and you have access to networking avenues, it can help you get your foot in the door.

Full-time employees tend to contribute a lot more than contractors, especially in terms of late hours, weekends, etc. As a contractor, I’ve never, not once worked a single unpaid hour, having billed judiciously for all of them. I personally use a ballpark for freelance rate vs full time rate as 1.4 times the amount of an average full-time salary for the position.

Full-Time Software Engineering Jobs

It isn’t unusual for an independent contractor to be working on projects for several clients at any given time. Frankly, they generally have to in order to make ends meet; simply by virtue of being independent, the contractor is likely to hold less loyalty for any single company. Although quite different from the traditional payday-every-Friday model, the payment process for independent contractors is simple for the small-business owner. You enter into a contract with the 1099 employee after agreeing on the parameters of the project and the fee for services rendered. Putting together the right team when you’re starting and growing a small business can be a daunting task. And having to choose between hiring contract vs. full-time workers introduces a whole new set of factors to consider.

The most recent data available on Fain’s salary with the UAW is from 2022, prior to his election as president, according to the U.S. Last year, he earned $160,130 as an administrative assistant for the union, a union filing shows. Barras makes 362 times more than the typical GM worker, while Tavares makes 365 times more, according to company filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. His comments came after business groups had been pushing the White House to intervene to avert a strike.

The UAW launches a historic strike against all Big 3 automakers

So, to better understand both of these types of employment, we’ve created an in-depth list containing the pros and cons of both of these options. Please note my answer is based on New Zealand labor market and business system (it should not be that different to other countries though). This involves a hefty amount of accounting and reputable shops charge annual rates of $800 – $1400 (Toronto prices). Most likely, assuming you’re using office space at the client’s site, a contractor will be lower in the hierarchy for obtaining space, even when it’s in the company’s best interest to make sure you have what you need.

contract vs full-time salary