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What is Expense Management? 2023

Solutions arise from basic rules, and workers know in advance whether and what they are not entitled to. A framework like that also allows for automatic acceptance and payout, enabling both submitters and confirmers to respond rapidly. Categories of expenses – Businesses need to classify expenditures to help coordinate travel and to improve monitoring of travel expenditures.

What Is an Expense Management Software?

Before you can choose SaaS expense tracking software, you have to examine your organization in some detail. A good place to begin is with a thorough audit of how many employees in your company submit expenses for reimbursement, including travel, business meals, and even office supplies. Are they reasonable or do you think individuals are taking advantage? Look beyond the averages since a tool that suits a sales team on the road may not be ideal for the remote employees who visit the home office every quarter. Create an organizational map including the reporting/supervisory structure. This may sound like overkill but it will come into play if you need a multi-tiered approval feature.

Expense management

Zoho Expense is an affordable expense management software aimed to cover everything a mid-sized business would want. It is flexible and can fit larger organizations or solo-entrepreneurs as well. They store all the information you need to keep track of where your expenses come from. The software integrates with multiple Zoho and third-party applications and ensures you don’t duplicate work. While it can be a bit pricey Zoho Expense does offer an all-around solution that is easily one of the best expense management software on the market.

While legacy systems have long been the norm, modern solutions offer user-friendly interfaces, automation capabilities and real-time analytics. Legacy systems typically focus on providing controls for the company—but can often come with a not-so-great user experience for employees. Expense management involves planning for, paying, tracking, reporting, and reimbursing business expenses. These may include recurring expenses necessary to keep facilities running and teams operating effectively. They may also include discretionary spending on things like employee perks, engagement activities, and travel. Here at Ramp, we often heard our customers complain about their clunky expense management solutions that continuously drained employees of their most valuable resource – their time.

Zoho Expense

The platform’s integrations tie the whole process of approval, reporting spending on travel, and accounting together. You have a well-rounded software that gives you pretty much all you need to manage your expenses at an affordable price. Businesses are automating every possible task to save time to make more money. Many companies are switching to an automated expense management software to expedite and upgrade the process of expense reporting, approval, and reimbursement.

You can zoom into your spending by department, project, team, or individual budget. Small companies engaged in reporting accurately – Technology is evolving, and the scale of a company is no more the reason for lack of front-end operation and sluggish, unreliable reporting. This is why small companies should find solutions with efficient monitoring structures and mobility functionality to reduce the logistical workload of their small groups, at least partially. Streamlining expense planning – The more people travel, the more they spend on travel planning. While individuals plan to obtain compensation as quickly as possible, companies have to verify that costs follow their travel requirements and are authorized prior payment. Rydoo does well with an updated interface that handles not only core expense tracking duties, but also international workflows and OCR scanning.

Finding Modern Spend Management Software

You get to streamline your reporting processes and get better analytics. Not to mention your employees will get reimbursed faster and that can surely help keep your relationship with your staff positive. Chrome River Expense is a cloud-based expense management software developed to serve the need for businesses of any size. The target customer group, however, is the mid-sized to large organizations. The platform is designed to help you manage both travel and other related expenses.

  • Employees require simple-to-use forms with predetermined fields for allocating expenditures by category, agency or business division when generating expense claims.
  • Businesses like to realise how much they’re spending on travel, which can be an important part of their overall budget and affect their performance.
  • Otherwise, a company may need to pay a fine or pay back the taxes it owes.
  • You can also calculate and analyze balance sheets and monitor payment transactions.
  • At its simplest, expense management is the system used to process, pay, and audit all business expenses.

We use Pleo daily and love the opportunities to provides in regards to managing our expenses. Brex has allowed our team to easily provide physical and virtual cards for software or one-time purchases. Pick an expense manager that best suits your type and size of business. Working expense tracker doesn’t involve hours upon hours of studying as the software is created to be intuitive and simple. ExpensePoint is very flexible and you can customize and update it whenever you need to. ExpensePoint is SSAE18 – SOC I Type II compliant which means that the platform has undergone audits to ensure it has reliable processes that handle data accurately.


Whether it’s traveling to a conference, purchasing office supplies, or entertaining a client, there are a variety of reasons employees will incur expenses required as part of their work. Employers are required to reimburse employees for approved work-related expenses. This reimbursement process involves detailed reporting from employees, approval from management, and accurate expense categorization from finance teams. The main ingredients for an organization’s success are a seamless collaboration between teams with a constant rise in financial and employee productivity. This can be achieved by streamlining your expense management process to save time, effort, ensure accuracy and security, and provide valuable expense data insights. An expense management software helps you automate the entire expense management system, save time and costs.

What Is an Expense Management Software?

Integrated System – Multiple payment services are available such as credit cards, debit cards, banking information, CRM, billing, payroll, UPI, etc. Integrating them together and consolidating them into single software for compliance and data protection is smart. Linking accounts and travel apps can also help produce payment data from credit card declarations. Large companies attempting to reduce forgery – Reducing and detecting crime can be a difficult challenge for a corporation that has not streamlined expense management software. Expense management software can also provide insights into spending patterns, helping finance teams make informed cost control and budgeting decisions. Establishing and standardizing procedures for expense approval and reimbursement saves time and effort for employees and finance teams to focus on more strategic and high-level tasks.

What does an expense management software do?

Project management (PM) software is a universal need to keep track of goals, research, data, scheduling and everything else under the sun. If you have more specific needs, however, you may have to find a PM solution with a specialized focus. Accounting project What Is an Expense Management Software? management software can simultaneously help teams perfect their finances and exceed business goals. Backed with sophisticated AI technology, It is widely used across diverse industries in enhancing and making superior their travel and expense management.